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Delson E. Eubanks

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Del Eubanks is the owner of American Hearing Solutions in Tyler, Texas. All his life, he has loved helping people, but it wasn’t until he began his work helping people hear better that he found his true calling. After much prayer seeking God’s direction for his life he was introduced to the hearing care industry as a trainee at a local hearing center and from day one, he absolutely loved it. It wasn’t long before he began his studies and earned his certification as a Hearing Instrument Specialist.

My Personal Mission

Helping people hear better and guiding them to obtain the best hearing aids for them has become my passion and I am dedicated to achieving the very best solutions possible for all my patients.

Better hearing is about personal connection and so is the journey to better hearing at American Hearing Solutions in Tyler, Texas. We treat every patient like family. 

I look forward to giving you my personal attention and helping you with all your hearing needs in Tyler, Texas.

Delson Eubanks, HIS 
Owner, American Hearing Solutions

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